Artisan Baker is an organisation dedicated to supporting the ancient art of Sourdough bread and artisan baking.
We run workshops & organise baking events, document and promote talented bakers, and we also run the worlds friendliest sourdough bread community, Sourdough Companion! Please see our current projects below:

Companion Bakery is an organic sourdough bakery based in Tasmania, Australia. We also run bread making classes. Sourdough Companion
A community of professional & home bakers who share baking recipes, photos and video.
The Artisan Baker Association
A baking association for artisan bakers and people with an interest in artisan bread and baking.
Our Online Shop sells high quality baking equipment: Bannetons, Books, Lames, Flour & Salt. BakerTrade
An international employment service for bakers. We promote artisan skill and knowledge in the baking industry.

If you would like to learn more about us, please take a look at our about us & bio page.